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Graduation Drinking Game

So we’re done with school and all the bullshit that goes along with it. I know I have feelings about this somewhere, but I’d rather drink them away instead. So at graduation,  let’s raise our flasks together.

NYU Gradrunkation 2013:

Anytime someone says…

“You can do it”

“Look to your left, look to your right”

“It’s not gonna be easy”

“Work hard”

“These were the best years of your lives”

Anytime we’re called New Yorkers

Anytime someone mentions the people we’ve met

Anytime your fellow graduates are referred to as future award winners

Anytime the idea of “commencement” is alluded to (aka “this is only the beginning”)

Anytime someone mentions youth as our greatest asset

Tisch specific: 

Anytime film is glorified more than the other departments

Anytime they pretend like a BFA means anything

“Don’t be afraid to fail”

“Talent finds its way”

Anytime someone refers to our fellow graduates as our “network”

Basically, anytime someone lies to us.

reality bites 2

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